We'll make your faulty engine function like new

Here at Rowell Enterprises, we specialize in diesel engine repairs. From injectors and fluid filters to turbos and FICMs, we have the resources and experience to whip your engine back into shape. We'll start with a cylinder power balance test. From there, we can accurately diagnose your engine's issues and create an effective and affordable auto repair plan.

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Diesel Vehicle Services

We offer work on diesel injectors, fluid filters and turbochargers.

Diesel Vehicle Services

Gasoline Vehicle Services

Providing reliable repairs on timing belts, transmissions and camshafts.

Gasoline Vehicle Services


If you need new wheels or wheel balancing services, we've got you covered.



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Get new tires at Rowell Enterprises

If you're due for new tires in the Cache, OK, Lawton, OK area, look no further than Rowell Enterprises. As an American Tire Distributor seller, we offer superior tires for light-duty, heavy-duty and agriculture vehicles. We'll be glad to walk you through your options to help you find the perfect set for your ride.

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Put Your Diesel Vehicle in Good Hands

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You rely on your vehicle to perform safely and efficiently day in and day out - so even minor issues can have serious consequences. No matter if you use your vehicle for agricultural, commercial or personal purposes, you can depend on Rowell Enterprises LLC to make sure you get where you need to be. We provide gasoline and diesel auto services in Cache, OK, Lawton, OK.

Our local mechanics have over 12 years of experience providing...

Engine Repairs

Transmission Repairs

Fuel Injector Repairs

Turbocharger Repairs

Spark Plug Replacements

Camshaft Replacements

If your vehicle isn't running like it should, you can rely on us to get to the bottom of your problem. Call 580-291-7071 now to speak with a local mechanic.